Hurricane Donald Is Turning the World Upside Down

[TUE JAN 31 2017; A2; ’Pyörremyrsky Donald panee maailmaa sekaisin,’ Pauli Uusi-Kilponen]


Trump doesn’t seem to realize how global economy works.

All major corporations of the world are international, including American ones.


The President of the United States is the most influential leading figure on the planet, whose power reaches all the corners of the world. After Donald Trump’s inauguration, people are starting to understand what that can mean in practice.

Trump banned all citizens of several Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for a three month period.

The president has been making decisions within his prerogative, and has gone even further. The ban has been deemed unconstitutional in the U.S. Even American conservatives are losing their sleep.

Refusing entry based on ethnicity and religion goes against international conventions on human rights. Hurricane Donald doesn’t give one flying cow about those. He doesn’t believe in a world order based on treaties.


Protests against Trump’s politics are most likely just starting. It seems arbitrary when people are prevented from boarding their planes to the U.S, and not even officials know how exactly how to interpret current travel rules. The situation looks exactly like what Trump said he’d protect the U.S. from.

Islamic extremist organizations are delighted, for they believe Trump will launch a new anti-West wave in the Islamic world. The spark for escalation has been struck.


It’s quite peculiar that the President declaring America’s greatness doesn’t understand the U.S. is a melting pot of nationalities. That is exactly the basis and the ideal of what makes America great.

Trump doesn’t seem to realize how global economy works. It is not based on revocations and restrictions, but on tearing down barriers on trade. Global economy works through people, information, and knowledge.

All major corporations of the world are international, including American ones. Many of those, like the technology companies of Silicon Valley in California, have thrived on import.

As contradictory as it seems, the President has been celebrating the rise of stock exchange rates. The skyrocketing of the Dow Jones index has so far relied on Trump’s big promises of revitilization. Makes one wonder which is more blind, Donald Trump or stock prices.

Elation in the New York Stock Exchange – with baseball caps on – as the world’s most popular stock index Dow Jones achieved the historic feat of 20 000 points. PHOTO:


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