Heartfelt Hate Speech from a Hundred Years Ago

[MON FEB 15 2017; B8; ’Vilpitön vihapuhuja sadan vuoden takaa,’ Hanna Kuonanoja]     Elias Simojoki * Born on January 28 1899 in Rautio, Northern Ostrobothnia. Original surname Simelius. * Graduated from the Oulu Lyseo Upper Secondary School in 1919. * Graduated from the University of Hels Lisää

U.S. Entry Ban Suspended

[SUN FEB 5 2017; A15; ’Maahantulokielto laitettiin jäihin,’ Siiri Arffman, STT, Reuters, AFP]     FACTS: A ban on Muslims * Trump signed an executive order preventing the citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. * The ban included Syria, Iraq, and Iran. * The dec Lisää

Common Criticism Is Part of Media Literacy

[THU FEB 2 2017; A2; ’Medialukutaitoon kuuluu terve kyseenalaistaminen,’ Pauli Uusi-Kilponen]   The media hasn’t only been going through changes, it’s been revolutionized. Recipients of information have also become distributors of it. Lies can be difficult to single out from the massive amounts Lisää