The Sensor Made Life Easier

[THU APR 27 2017; A9; ’Sensori helpotti elämää’, Salla Karpiola]     Reijo Saksa ordered a blood glucose sensor from an English online store. It costs him 3 000 euros a year, but half that for the municipal health care system.   The sensor attached to Reijo Saksa’s upper arm has made Lisää

Street Art in Modern Art

  [TUE APR 25 2017; B8; ’Katujen taidetta nykytaiteessa’, Niina Lahtinen]     The urban, anarchistic, and free street art has gotten attention in the official field of art, museums, and art galleries. It has also been pondered whether the protection from art institutes is taming this Lisää

Hämeenlinna Driving Schools Among Finland’s Cheapest

[THU APR 20 2017; A4-A5; ’Hämeenlinna autokoulut halvimpien joukossa’, Juho Peltoniemi]         * Driver’s licenses are clearly cheaper than a few years ago. * Instructor: a certain amount of driving tests have to be rejected           The prices for driver’s Lisää

They Make Parties For Children

[WED APR 19 2017; B8; ’He tekevät lapsille juhlat’, Pirjo-Liisa Niinimäki]     Children’s festival Hippalot turns 40.   The children’s art festival Hippalot is held in Hämeenlinna for the 40th time. Therefore, this year’s theme is celebration. – Birthday parties and Christmas ar Lisää

Open Gardens Day Invites People to Join

[SAT APR 15 2017; B15; ’Avoimet puutarhat -päivä kutsuu mukaan’]   The time for registration has begun. Last year the gardens were visited over 66 000 times.   This year, the popular nationwide Open Gardens Day is held on the first Sunday of July, 2.7. at 12-18. Once again people will get Lisää

Getting Into Video Games At 80 Years Old

  [WED APR 12; B2-B3; ’Pelimaailma avautuu vielä kahdeksankymppisenäkin’, Susanna Lähdekorpi]     * At the Hämeenlinna City Library game mornings, senior citizens are casually guided into video games   The people look focused in the game room Bunkkeri. Seven senior citizens have Lisää

Czech Youth Choir to Visit Hämeenlinna

[SUN APR 9; B17; ’Tsekkiläinen nuorisokuoro vieraisilla Hämeenlinnassa’]   The youth choir Puellae et Pueri visits Hämeenlinna on Holy Week, the week just before Easter. The choir performs together with the Hämeenlinna-Vanaja Parish youth choirs at Palokunnantalo and the Hämeenlinna Church. &nb Lisää

Sunday Shifts Remain Most Popular If Pay Bonuses Don’t Get Cut

  [MON APR 10; A14; ’Sunnuntaivuoro on suosituin, jos siitä ei leikata lisiä’, Toni Rasinkangas]   * The Sunday pay bonus in the catering business are on the table once again. * Service Union United (PAM) censured Jan Vapaavuori and Timo Lappi’s idea of removing the Sunday bonus. * Restaur Lisää

The New Film Festival Starts With Love

[THU APR 6; B9; ’Uusi elokuvafestivaali aloittaa rakkaudesta’, Pirjo-Liisa Niinimäki]   The Hitusen hämyä (A Bit of Twilight) festival brings films from six countries to Hämeenlinna.   Kino Tavast, the regional film association of Hämeenlinna, arranges a new film event in late April. The t Lisää

Bureaucracy Gets in the Way of Chewing Gum

[WED 29.03.2017; Byrokratia häiritsee purkanjauhamista’, Toni Rasinkangas]     It’s a wild feeling to be waiting in line behind a person who is telling their life story while paying for their vast shopping with the smallest coins they find in their household purse. Meanwhile, I’m holding i Lisää