Sunday Shifts Remain Most Popular If Pay Bonuses Don’t Get Cut


[MON APR 10; A14; ’Sunnuntaivuoro on suosituin, jos siitä ei leikata lisiä’, Toni Rasinkangas]


* The Sunday pay bonus in the catering business are on the table once again.

* Service Union United (PAM) censured Jan Vapaavuori and Timo Lappi’s idea of removing the Sunday bonus.

* Restaurant keeper Urpo Nurmiranta from Hämeenlinna would rather make a compromise.


The Service Union United (PAM) Chief Protector of Interests Jaana Ylitalo is dismayed by the idea that Sunday pay bonus should be removed in order to improve profitability of keeping restaurants open on Sundays.

– The catering business is very labor-intensive, which is a fact unchangable by cutting wages. PAM’s view is that removing the Sunday bonus does not increase the amout of customers in restaurants, says Ylitalo.


Urpo Nurmiranta, owner of the restaurant Hällä, which is open also on Sundays, does not support removing the pay bonus. He estimates that employees’ interest towards the popular shift would decline. In the catering business, base salary is paid for Monday through Saturday.

– Were the bonus removed, employees would probably have better things to do on Sundays than work for normal salary.

Outi Mertamo, CEO of Resta Invest Oy (which runs Fresno American Diner), agrees.

– Sunday shifts are the easiest to find volunteers for. If the bonus were removed, it could be attempted to be compensated by raising hourly wages, she estimates.

Nurmiranta would hope to reach some kind of compromise.

– Personally, as an entrepeneur, I’d be happy with lowering the double pay for Sundays. Instead of removing the bonus altogether, it could be halved.


The removal of the Sunday bonus was generated by Helsinki Mayor candidate Jan Vapaavuori and CEO of the Finnish Hospitality Association (MaRa) Timo Lappi.

According to them the bonus decreases the appeal of Helsinki.

In Ylitalo’s opinion the demands are only about minimizing the costs for employers and maximizing their profits at the expense of employees.

Mertamo believes it would be possible for many small cafés to also stay open on Sundays without the Sunday bonus.

– It would invigorate the town center Hämeenlinna, there really aren’t that many people around right now. Open restaurants and cafés would get people out of their homes. But we’ll still be following the collective labor agreement settled by the union.


Ylitalo of PAM thinks the consumer price for a product will remain the same regardless of what is decided about the Sunday bonus.

– Lowering the cost of labor agreements does not solve the challenges regarding business hours and workforce shortage in the business.

She notes that many Finnish people like to visit restaurants also on Sundays.

– Most of the more economical restaurants are already open every day of the week.

Ylitalo points out that the workforce shortage and profitability of the catering business cannot be fixed by weakening the terms of employment and removing the Sunday bonus.

– Behind all high-quality service are healthy employees and fair pay, states Ylitalo.



* The Service Union United (PAM) is a union for employees in the private service sector.

* PAM negotiates labor agreements and salaries for trade and catering businesses and supervises the terms of employment.

* From aroud 230 000 members about 80% are women.

* Most work in retail, hospitality, security, or real estate businesses.


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