Czech Youth Choir to Visit Hämeenlinna

[SUN APR 9; B17; ’Tsekkiläinen nuorisokuoro vieraisilla Hämeenlinnassa’]


The youth choir Puellae et Pueri visits Hämeenlinna on Holy Week, the week just before Easter.

The choir performs together with the Hämeenlinna-Vanaja Parish youth choirs at Palokunnantalo and the Hämeenlinna Church.


In 2013, Vox Vanajae (formerly Vanajan Nuorisokuoro) travelled to the Czech Republic to give a joint concert with Puellae et Pueri.

– The Czechs surprised us with with their fun coreographies. It’s great that both choirs to get to sing together again, says Ismo Savimäki, the cantor leading the Hämeenlinna-Vanaja Parish youth choirs.

The 40-person strong Puellae et Pueri, winner of several national choir competitions, has reached international success. Their program includes folk, spiritual, and classical songs. The leader of the choir is Karel Dostál.


On Tuesday April 11, Palokunnantalo resounds with easy listening performed by, along with Puellae et Pueri, the youth choirs Aurora and Vox Vanajae.

Aurora and Vox Vanajae have in their program Finlandia, folk arrangements, and film music like Skyfall by Adele and Entertainer by Scott Joplin.


On Wednesday April 12, Puellae et Pueri and Vox Vanajae give a concert at the Hämeenlinna Church.

The program consists of classical and spiritual music. Vox Vanajae performs Eino-Juhani Rautavaara, Edvard Grieg, and an eye-watering arrangement of the psalm Sua kohti herrani (Nearer, My God, to Thee), among others.

Cantor Ismo Savimäki says the young choir members move smoothly from one tone to another.

– They like to sing easy listening and classical, secular and spiritual. They enjoy songs that elicit strong emotions and that can be sung with feeling.


Youth choir concerts

* Tuesday April 11 19:00 Palokunnantalo

* Wednesday April 12 19:00 Hämeenlinna Church

* Both concerts go on for about an hour


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