Friends for a Change

[Hämeen Sanomat Kesä 2017; 16; ’Taas vaihteeksi ystäviä,’ Timo Isoaho]     * The American band will take the stage of the Kantola Event Park having settled their feuds. * Times they change: A few years ago the musicians of Guns N’ Roses were still wishing each other dead. Chinese Democrac Lisää

Wähäjärvi Brought the Silk Road to Riihimäki

[WED MAY 17 2017; B8-B9; ’Wähäjärvi toi silkkitien Riihimäelle,’ Tuulia Viitanen]   * A 3000-year-old sacrificial chalice was found in the storage space of the Riihimäki Art Museum. * More than 200 Chinese antique items have been inspected in the museum.   So far, over 200 Chinese items ha Lisää

The Popularity of Electric Bikes Is Growing Fast

[TUE MAY 16 2017; A7; ’Sähköpyörien suosio kasvaa nopeasti’, Henripekka Kallio]   The sale of electric bikes is about to double for the second consecutive year, the bike business representatives interviewed by Lännen Media estimate. – The growth continues. And this spring, electric bikes Lisää

Springtime Family Fun in the Traffic Park

[FRI MAY 12 2017; B14; ’Lapsiperheiden kevätkarkelot Liikennepuistossa’]     This weekend, Arx Saturday (Arxantai) is celebrated in a springlike fashion at the Traffic Park (Liikennepuisto). Pedal cars and bicycles are driven and ridden on the streets of a tiny city. Children can also prac Lisää

How Many Kilos of Modeling Clay Is This?

[THU MAY 11 2017; B10-B11; ’Montako kiloa kului muovailuvahaa?’ Tuulia Viitanen]     The communal artwork in the Hämeenlinna Art Museum includes hundreds of tiny art pieces.   In the Hämeenlinna Art Museum, visitors have been partaking in creating a communal artwork in the span of fou Lisää

Classics Updated with Youth Culture

[WED MAY 10; B10; ’Klassikot päivittyivät nuorten maailmaan’, Vanessa Valkama]     * The wall painting depicts the 100-year-old Finland through the eyes of the young.   There is now a giant series of wall paintings adorning the outside wall of the shopping center Goodman. The almost 1 Lisää

Verkatehdas Turns 10 in Its Own Style

[FRI MAY 5 2017; B8-B9; ’Verkatehdas täyttää 10 omalla tyylillään’, Ursula Ryynänen]     * There will be a yet unpublished rock performer at the free festival. * The culture and concert center is taking the risk of producing three classical concerts in the Fall.   No specially invited Lisää

Prison Museum Opens Mid-May

[WED MAY 3 2017; A8; ’Vankilamuseo avautuu kuun puolivälissä’, Saara Airaksinen]     Lions Club is on board with voluntary work.   The opening of the Prison Museum has been verified, as Linnan Kehitys, the National Board of Antiquities, and the Criminal Sanctions Agency have recently Lisää

May Day Livened Up by Tournament

[MON MAY 1 2017; A4; ’Turnajaisista vauhtia vappuun’, Saila Karpiola]     Rohan Stables launched their own summer tour, and opened the new exhibition at the Häme Castle, with an exciting tournament.   Last year, when Rohan Stables opened the Häme Castle armor exhibition, the Hämeenlin Lisää