How Many Kilos of Modeling Clay Is This?

[THU MAY 11 2017; B10-B11; ’Montako kiloa kului muovailuvahaa?’ Tuulia Viitanen]


PHOTO: Pekka Rautiainen


The communal artwork in the Hämeenlinna Art Museum includes hundreds of tiny art pieces.


In the Hämeenlinna Art Museum, visitors have been partaking in creating a communal artwork in the span of four months.


The idea arose from an immigrant project a couple years ago. The participants had created an imaginary landscape.


Currently, the art museum holds the Yhteiset kuvamme (Our Common Pictures) exhibition. Visitors are also allowed to make their own pictures and landscapes. In the lobby of the Lohrmann building there is a workshop where visitors can mold their own pieces. Everyone gets to make anything they want out of molding clay and add it to the grand artwork.


The artwork is based on the Together theme of the Suomi 100 celebration year.


Museum assistant Päivi Viherluoto has happily noted how adults, adolescents, and children alike have stopped by the workshop to mold.


– People have been serious and creative with molding, no one’s had to ask for ideas and inspiration.

All the small art pieces remain exactly where their creators have placed them. The museum crew have only added more space to the artwork. Not a single art piece has been removed.


In the resulting landscape, there are entities to write stories about, like Häme Castle and a lake with a drowning man. There are also dozens of Finnish flags, roses, logos of the local hockey team (HPK), and a Karelian pasty.


Päivi Viherluoto says she smiles every time she walks by the artwork.

– The artwork is substantial and rich. You find something new and fun every time you look at it.


How many kilos of modeling clay has been used on the artwork in these four months?

– 37,5 kilos.



Museum Week May 16. – 21.

The communal artwork remains in the exhibition until the end of May. Visitors can participate in the artwork until the end of next week or as long as there is enough modeling clay.


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