Marimba and Vibraphone Concert

[Hämeenlinnan Kaupunkiuutiset; SAT JUN 10; ’Musiikkia marimballa ja vibrafonilla’]



Percussionists Tiia Toivanen and Henri Sakki will be performing music played on a marimba and a vibraphone in the Hämeenlinna Church on June 18. The concert, titled Ruusupuu (Rose Tree), begins at 6 pm. After the concert, the audience will have a chance to discuss music and the instruments with the artists.


The instruments they play are relatively exotic and unknown to the general public. In short, the marimba is a traditional Zimbabwean instrument, with wooden bars that are struck with mallets, creating resonant sounds. Similar to the xylophone, except more resonant and lower in pitch. The vibraphone can be described as a combination of a xylophone and a piano, with butterfly valves and a sustain pedal.


The program of the performance is varied, and the musicians also expound upon their instruments during the show. Toivanen and Sakki play Bach, Piazzolla, and Sibelius, but are also well-versed in film scores and modern percussive music.


The concert is free of charge. The program leaflet costs 10 euros.



Tiia Toivanen & Henri Sakki in Concert

Hämeenlinna Church

Sunday June 18, 6 pm


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