’Independent Nature’ Photography Exhibition at Häme Nature Centre

[THU JUN 15 2017; B3; ’Itsenäinen luonto -valokuvanäyttely Hämeen luontokeskuksessa’]



The photographs of Marko Miettunen are on display at Häme Nature Centre. PHOTO: Marko Miettunen


To celebrate the 100 years of independence of Finland, the Itsenäinen luonto (Independent Nature) photography exhibition is on display at Häme Nature Centre until June 29. Nature photographers Marko Miettunen, Arttu Nurmi, and Seppo Rokkanen have captured in their pictures the essence of Finnish nature.

The exhibitions features various animals, birds, and landscapes familiar to all Finns. There are pictures of eagles, bears, wolves, and swans. In addition to the photos displayed on the walls, the exhibition includes a 23-minute digital compilation of the photographers’ shots.

Nature, forests and lakes and the animals living in them, are an essential part of Finnish identity. The photographers want to honor the independent nature of Finland with their captured moments. Marko Miettunen notes that being in nature, and enjoying its silence and beauty, is at least as important as photography.

– All of this has been created with such love and wisdom, that it surpasses the limits of my imagination, describes Miettunen.


Arttu Nurmi’s black and white shots were taken in the beautiful nature of Tammela, in the national parks of Liesjärvi and Torronsuo, and at the waters of Ruostejärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Nurmi uses both film and digital cameras, and feels at home photographing in swamps and forest ponds.

Seppo Rokkanen’s photography is also anchored in nature. Rokkanen says that nature offers the best counterbalance to his work and the noise of the city.

– My favorite things about nature photography are the moments of early dusk and the darkness of night, when my senses are tuned to notice everything around me. It’s the feeling I get when I think about what nature has in store for me, illustrates Rokkanen.


The Itsenäinen luonto (Independent Nature) photography exhibition

at Häme Nature Centre in Tammela, from June 1 to June 29.


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