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  • Twin Peaks: Now With Even More Surrealism

    [THU JUN 29 2017; B8; ’Twin Peaks entistäkin surrealistisempana,’ Kalle Kinnunen]     * Kyle McLachlan returned to David Lynch’s groundbreaking series.   The offer to return to the role of FBI agent Dale Cooper came three years ago. Actor Kyle McLachlan got a mysterious call from Davi

  • EU Curtailing Google’s Dominance

    [WED JUN 28 2017; A14; ’EU laittaa rajoja Googlen ylivallalle,’ STT]       Brussels. When looking for a new phone to buy, one tends to look for the cheapest option. After entering a few keywords, Google presents a good selection of online stores. In some EU countries, the first search

  • A Complacent Community

    [WED 21 2017; B2-B3; ’Ylpeä yhdyskunta,’ Milka Valtanen]     * The Internet has revolutionized being a fan. * Now admirers and haters are able to reach the objects of their feelings easier than ever before.   The week following the release of the album Lemonade by RnB singer Beyoncé

  • Lodging Places for the Concert Weekend Running Low

    [TUE JUN 20 2017; A8; ’Konserttiviikonlopun yöpaikat vähissä,’ Milka Valtanen]     Hämeenlinna, and its surroundings, have only a few vacant Airbnb places left.   In Hämeenlinna. the upcoming Guns N’ Roses concert has multiplied the demand for Airbnb lodging for the first weekend of

  • ’Independent Nature’ Photography Exhibition at Häme Nature Centre

    [THU JUN 15 2017; B3; ’Itsenäinen luonto -valokuvanäyttely Hämeen luontokeskuksessa’]     To celebrate the 100 years of independence of Finland, the Itsenäinen luonto (Independent Nature) photography exhibition is on display at Häme Nature Centre until June 29. Nature photographers Marko M

  • The Grave Is Now Open

    [WED JUN 14 2017; B2-B3; ’Hauta auki,’ Sanna Heinonen]     * In 2013, the grave of a swordsman was found in Janakkala, creating a small sensation in the world of museums. * Now, archeologists from Stockholm are figuring out the diet of the 14th century man, studying the teeth and the piece

  • Marimba and Vibraphone Concert

    [Hämeenlinnan Kaupunkiuutiset; SAT JUN 10; ’Musiikkia marimballa ja vibrafonilla’]     Percussionists Tiia Toivanen and Henri Sakki will be performing music played on a marimba and a vibraphone in the Hämeenlinna Church on June 18. The concert, titled Ruusupuu (Rose Tree), begins at 6 pm.

  • The Flying Leather Mitten Has a Bad Reputation

    [THU JUN 8 2017; B12; ’Lentävä nahkarukkanen on maineensa vanki,’ Petri Ojanen]     Oh, the horror! A bat flying by is a terrifying sight for many. It is a shame, for bats are nifty creatures.     Bats have a very bad reputation. In Europe, ”the flying rat” has been, for no good

  • The Kylänomadi App Encourages Exploration

    [TUE JUN 6 2017; B3; ’Kylänomadi-mobiilisovellus kutsuu kulkemaan’]     Wandering the countryside has become a whole different experience with the new mobile app. The Kylänomadi (Village Nomad) service specializes in Finnish village scenic routes. The first route available in the service

  • The Short Summer Night Is Dinner Time

    [TUE JUN 6 2017; B2-B3; ’Ruoka-aikaa lyhyen kesäyön verran,’ Tuovi Mäkipere] * The cold is good for fasting because of not feeling thirsty all the time. * This is the second Ramadan in Finland for Hassan El Ammari, who lives in Hämeenlinna. When you spend a month feeling hungry, you end up