Bureaucracy Gets in the Way of Chewing Gum

[WED 29.03.2017; Byrokratia häiritsee purkanjauhamista’, Toni Rasinkangas]     It’s a wild feeling to be waiting in line behind a person who is telling their life story while paying for their vast shopping with the smallest coins they find in their household purse. Meanwhile, I’m holding i Lisää

Smart Devices May Actually Be Smart Company

[FRI MAR 31; B2-B3; ’Älylaite voi olla älykästäkin seuraa’, Sari Oksala]     * Viljami Tabell says digital native children and adolescents also need their parents’ guidance and tips for using smart devices and social media.   Viljami Tabell admits he’s a little embittered. Currently w Lisää

Heartfelt Hate Speech from a Hundred Years Ago

[MON FEB 15 2017; B8; ’Vilpitön vihapuhuja sadan vuoden takaa,’ Hanna Kuonanoja]     Elias Simojoki * Born on January 28 1899 in Rautio, Northern Ostrobothnia. Original surname Simelius. * Graduated from the Oulu Lyseo Upper Secondary School in 1919. * Graduated from the University of Hels Lisää

U.S. Entry Ban Suspended

[SUN FEB 5 2017; A15; ’Maahantulokielto laitettiin jäihin,’ Siiri Arffman, STT, Reuters, AFP]     FACTS: A ban on Muslims * Trump signed an executive order preventing the citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. * The ban included Syria, Iraq, and Iran. * The dec Lisää

Common Criticism Is Part of Media Literacy

[THU FEB 2 2017; A2; ’Medialukutaitoon kuuluu terve kyseenalaistaminen,’ Pauli Uusi-Kilponen]   The media hasn’t only been going through changes, it’s been revolutionized. Recipients of information have also become distributors of it. Lies can be difficult to single out from the massive amounts Lisää

Hurricane Donald Is Turning the World Upside Down

[TUE JAN 31 2017; A2; ’Pyörremyrsky Donald panee maailmaa sekaisin,’ Pauli Uusi-Kilponen]   Trump doesn’t seem to realize how global economy works. All major corporations of the world are international, including American ones.   The President of the United States is the most influential l Lisää

Which council table is President Niinistö getting Finland into?

[TUE JAN 24 2017; B4; ’Mihin pöytään presidentti Suomea istuttaa?’ Reino Laajaniemi]     International crises and EU’s troubles have reinforced President Sauli Niinistö’s status as a leader in foreign politics and as commander in chief of the Finnish Defence Forces. Do the President’s care Lisää

Gene Study on Psychosis Has Had a Promising Start

[THU JAN 19 2017; A8; ”Psykoosin geenitutkimus alkanut lupaavasti,” Ursula Ryynänen]   755 study subjects in Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa. The aim of the study is to make better treatment possible.   The Finnish SUPER Study on genetic mechanisms of psychotic disorders, that was started last y Lisää

Matti Vanhanen: Don’t worry so much!

[WED JAN 11 2017, B12-B13; ’Matti Vanhanen: Jäitä huolihattuun!’ Minna Akimo]             Donald Trump’s rise to power frightens Finnish people. Matti Vanhanen says the fear is somewhat justified.             According to experts, Finnish people Lisää

The Digital Threshold Still High For Many Teachers

[SUN JAN 8; A6-A7; ”Digikynnys on yhä korkea monelle opettajalle,” Johanna Puukka]           * According to reports, the proficiency of teachers in information technology varies greatly. * The government allotted 7,5 million euros for creating a chain of digitutoring in scho Lisää